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Adding bold colors in your home can seem scary if you’ve stuck to a white, beige, and gray color palette in your home for the last few decades. Some colors, like greens, can be incorporated almost like a neutral because of how earthy it looks in a space. We wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks to start mixing up your color palette to create a unique and custom home.

Tip 1: Using a Color to Define a Room

When designing around an open or semi-open floor plan, it can be helpful to paint one space, like this dining room, a different, bold color to define the room. By using Waterloo by Sherwin Williams as the wall color in our Brick Manor dining room project, it carved out a unique space without separating it by more doors and walls.

Tip 2: Using Color to Add Visual Interest

Bold wall colors can also be paired with wall trim, like board and batten or picture frame moulding, to add visual interest to your walls without art. We painted the bedroom below in our Serene Master Suite project in Naval by Sherwin Williams to create a moody moment while keeping the space cozy and peaceful. The picture frame moulding in this bedroom added timeless charm and replaced the need for large-scale art over the bed.

We also used this technique in our Azure Abode living room to create an accent wall in the living room, painted Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams.

Tip 3: Add Color to Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets

The same Slate Tile paint we used in the living room pictured above, we repeated through the whole house to create a consistent color palette, including painting the kitchen cabinets in that muted blue. The kitchen was in an all beige/white color palette, and this blue added a completely new dynamic without feeling too bold and colorful.

If blue seems too adventurous, try a dark green, which will feel more like a neutral with it’s warm earthy tones. If you don’t know which green to pick, try one of our favorites below:

Different cabinet paint colors will pair better with different kitchen features, depending on if it’s a cool or warm color. As an example, here’s how we would style different green cabinet colors in a kitchen:

Tip 4: Bring in color through decor

Unsure about painting something as large as walls or cabinets in a new color? You can start with some of these options to start small:

  • Paint a dresser or nightstand to have a pop of color in a statement piece

  • Add a colorful piece of art

  • Install more colorful curtains or rugs

  • Pick bolder shades in your chairs or couches

All Project Photography by Madeline Harper Photography


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