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As the holidays approach this year, we know it can be tough thinking of what to get everyone in your life. We've put together a list of our favorite items from the last year + what we're adding to our personal wishlists! This will be tailored to decor lovers, new renters or home owners, or anyone who's looking to add fun things to their homes.

1. Cheese & Charcuterie Boards

Whether it's wooden, marble, or slate, we love a good cheese boards! These are great to use for serving or decor around the kitchen.

2. Cocktail Glasses & Shakers

For the cocktail and mocktail lovers in your life! We are loving fun, unique glasses and shakers that are super functional when entertaining and look great on a shelf!

Some of our favorite shakers: gold shaker set, glass and silver, antique copper set

3. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets just make everything cozier, especially during cold weather around the holidays! This is the kind of gift that will be unwrapped and immediately put to good use.

4. Vases

Bring these already filled with stems or flowers, or as is to be a beautiful statement piece on a shelf! Neutral vases will look fantastic in any space.

5. Candle warmers and diffusers

Candle warmers and diffusers make your home smell amazing without the anxiety that can come with the open flame of a candle (especially around pets and kids). We'll also link a few of the sets of essential oils that we use in our own diffusers around our own homes!

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